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Traditional Sushi


A California Roll AKA Inside-out roll, is a roll with rice on the outside & Nori on the inside, added with cucumber, avo & one of our delicious fillings.

R 50,00

California Roll - 4 Pc

Image of California Roll - 4 Pc


Maki AKA Makizushi basically means "rolled sushi" Rice wrapped in Nori with one filling.

R 34,00

Maki - 4 Pc

Image of Maki - 4 Pc


Similar to the California roll but with extra strips of fish and avo across the top, giving it a "Rainbow" effect

R 55,00

Rainbow - 4 Pc

Image of Rainbow - 4 Pc


Similar to the California roll with rice on the outside, but rectangular. Your favorite filling contained by nori on either side, covered by a layer of rice & coated in sesame seeds.

R 58,00

Fashion Sandwich - 4 Pc

Image of Fashion Sandwich - 4 Pc


A Slice of fish or crab on top of a small bed of rice.

R 45,00

Nigiri - 2 Pc

Image of Nigiri - 2 Pc


Traditional sushi ingridients contained in a cone of Nori. They are called hand rolls as they are made by hand as apposed to with a makisu.

R 45,00

Hand roll - 1 Pc

Image of Hand roll - 1 Pc


Reversing the traditional order of Maki, fish is wrapped around a small core of rice, topped with mayonnaise and caviar.

R 58,00

Roses - 2 Pc

Image of Roses - 2 Pc


A Japanese delicacy of very fresh, thin slices of raw fish, with a spicy option

R 69,00

Sashimi - 3 Pc

Image of Sashimi - 3 Pc

Traditional Sushi

Chef's Choices

Selected few make it to this menu. These are the best of the best.


Cream Cheese & Avo California roll, topped with smoked salmon and sesame seeds.

R 55,00

Philly Roll - 4 Pc

Image of Philly Roll - 4 Pc


Prawn California roll topped with half a tempura prawn smothered in tangy mayo

R 80,00

Paul's Prawn - 4 Pc

Image of Paul's Prawn - 4 Pc


Deep fried salmon, avo & cucumber California roll, topped with spicy mayo, sesame seeds, spring onion & sweet chili sauce

R 80,00

Salmon Crunch - 4 Pc

Image of Salmon Crunch - 4 Pc


Deep fried smoke salmon, cream cheese & avo California roll topped with spring onion & 7 spice

R 57,00

Mystery Roll - 4 Pc

Image of Mystery Roll - 4 Pc


3 layers of wasabi, salmon, mayo @ seaweed topped with mayo & caviar

R 68,00

Wasabi Parcel - 4 Pc

Image of Wasabi Parcel - 4 Pc


Deep fried tempura tuna California roll, rolled in breadcrumbs & deep fried again, topped with mayo & sweet chili sauce

R 68,00

Tuna Crunch - 4 Pc

Image of Tuna Crunch - 4 Pc


Spicy salmon & avo california roll, wrapped with salmon & avo, topped with spicy mayo, caviar, spring onion & teriyaki sauce

R 68,00

Salmon California Dreaming

Image of Salmon California Dreaming


Salmon & avo california roll, topped with tempura prawn, avo, mayo & caviar

R 78,00

Executive California Roll

Image of Executive California Roll


2 deep fried spring rolls served with sweet chili sauce

R 20,00

Spring Roll - 2 Pc

Image of Spring Roll - 2 Pc


Avo, rice & Mayo wrapped in a tofu pocket with filling of your choice

R 20,00

Battleships - 2 Pc

Image of Battleships - 2 Pc


Prawn & avo California Roll, wrapped with salmon & tuna, topped with mayo, caviar, sesame seeds & teriyaki sauce

R 80,00

The Whole 9 Yards - 4 Pc

Image of The Whole 9 Yards - 4 Pc


Spicy prawn California Roll, topped with a prawn smothered in spicy mayo, teriyaki sauce & spring onion

R 90,00

Spicy Mayo Prawn - 4Pc

Image of Spicy Mayo Prawn - 4Pc


Prawn Tempura & Avo California roll, topped with salmon, avo & nori strips, smothered with yummy sauce, mayo, sprinkled with crunches & sesame seeds

R 80,00

Dragon Roll

Image of Dragon Roll

Chop Sushi

Known as Modern sushi - This is traditional sushi with a modern kick to it. Introducing new flavors by adding sauces and other elements.

Seafood Tapas (No side)


Medium sized cultivated oysters

R 160,00

Oyster Platter

Image of Oyster Platter


Served in a creamy garlic, lemon & herb sauce

R 85,00



Queen prawns served with feta & garlic or Lemon butter sauce

R 135,00


Image of Prawns


Crisp Bruschetta topped with beetroot Hummus, cream cheese & Smoked Salmon - finished off with capers

R 110,00

Smoked Salmon Brushetta


Grilled or fried, served with lemon butter sauce

R 95,00